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Tapnell Farm landscape


Tapnell Farm Park Conservation Strategy can be found here.

Key objectives are:

  • We endeavour to be actively involved in the conservation of our native flora and fauna as well as that outside of the UK.
  • We aim to promote and support local charities and organisations who are already actively involved in local conservation projects
  • We aim to educate our visitors about the importance of supporting local and overseas conservation projects as well as living a ‘greener’ life.

Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, much of our planned activity for 2021 has been delayed.

Plans for 2022 include :

  • WEBCAMS for Barn Owl in straw barn, we have logged last year’s sightings with the barn owl trust and will continue to do yearly, active beehive and swallow nests
  • Continue to plan conservation garden
  • Continue with Swallow nest surveys
  • Continue with supporting local conservation charities with promoting their work
  • Finalise and display necessary signage to encourage visitors to record and monitor local bird wildlife species
  • Work is underway to create a ‘Tapnell Trail’ available for accommodation guests. This will take them around the perimeter of Tapnell Farm and give them information about the different types of flora and fauna they are likely to find along the way. Covid-19 has put a hold on most things, however hopefully this can take place soon.
  • We are looking at promoting birdwatching activity. David Lindo, also known as the Urban Birder, is a wildlife broadcaster and urban wildlife educationalist. He has booked a couple of weekends in 2022 to bring guests for birdwatching tours.
  • We are looking at ways to proactively engage the public in the importance of INNS (Invasive non-native (alien) Species) as to why you must not illegally promote the selling or release non-native species into areas they do no inhibit and the effect this can have on ecosystems, as well as the welfare on animals. As a Farm Park with a Zoo licence, we play an important role in educating visitors in this area.
  • Website updates on each animal species, their red list status, and facts.
  • Conservation wall 2022

More details to follow.

Outline sketch of hares

Tapnell Farm Park Conservation Strategy

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