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About Tapnell Farm

Our Farm

The Turney Family

Our family has been in farming for over one hundred years and we took over the care of Tapnell and East Afton Farms in 1982. At its peak, the farm milked 800 cows and produced 24,000 litres of fresh wholesome milk 365 days of the year, no exceptions!

Today, we no longer milk cows at Tapnell, but the Farm has become the Isle of Wight’s leading eco-tourism business and home to award-winning Tom’s Eco Lodge, Tapnell Farm Park attraction, The Cow Restaurant & Bar - and opening this summer, the Isle of Wight's only outdoor Aqua Park!

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, whether taking water from our bore hole to supply the farm, using the sun to make electricity for hundreds of homes, powering our heating systems with our biomass boiler or growing over 30 acres of new woodland and hedgerows. It’s ingrained in everything we do.

The golden rule for us is to pass on our farm in better environmental and productive health than it was at the beginning of our life’s tenure.

There’s still much to do and we are certainly up for the challenge!

Sitting on the site of the 1970 Isle of Wight pop festival, our farm is surrounded by a patchwork of fields that form the pasture and meadows of the countryside, which gently undulate with Tapnell Down to the south and Hamstead Heritage Coast and coastal woodlands to the north. The picturesque chalk down grassland and forests to the south are not only part of the protected landscape but are also Sites of Special Scientific Interest and described by Natural England as being “probably the best example in Britain of chalk grassland under maritime influence.

Also at Tapnell Farm

As well as The Cow Restaurant, Tapnell Farm Park attraction, Isle of Wight Aqua Park and Tom’s Eco Lodge and other accommodation, you will also find other great activities and attractions on site at Tapnell Farm.

These include our amazing collection of art cows, the Wight Herd, bike hire, great walks - The Tapnell Trail is 6.5miles - and a clay pigeon and rifle shooting range.